Wow. This disaster couldn’t have happened at a worse time for your local businesses. Some were just opening up again. Most still weren’t back to anywhere near 100%. Yet, here we are. One thing doesn’t change though. This is Bowie. And Bowie stands together and fights back. Many of you have already been written into the comeback story of your favorite local business by purchasing HERE FOR GOOD T-shirts. It’s time to show the world that Bowie is stronger still. 

The loss is more devastating than just damage. There is lost income. Insurance increases are coming. Many will once more pay their employees even though they can’t work. Purchase any of the items and the profit from that item goes directly to help a local business recover from this.

The $10 profit from each HERE FOR GOOD T-shirt (now in maroon or grey) goes to local businesses.

The $10 profit from each HERE FOR GOOD yard sign goes to local businesses.

The $2 profit from each #bowiestrong decal goes to local businesses.

Plus, if you order 3 or more T-shirts, you will get a FREE #bowiestrong decal and WE will pay the $2 donation from that decal to the businesses for you.

If you want to give above and beyond, we have an item marked $10 Donation. You can choose any number of those (2 for $20, 3 for $30, etc.), and 100% of that money goes directly to the damaged businesses.

We will initially open this online store for 2 weeks and items will be printed and shipped once a week.

If you are a local Bowie business recovering from damage, click here to sign up and allow the folks of Bowie to show you how much they want to see you HERE FOR GOOD.

In addition, BroCro Creative wants to help your business with their comeback story. We want to offer the following to help with your Grand Reopening:

100 FREE 8.5×5.5 flyers to advertise

FREE use of a #bowiestrong Grand Reopening banner

FREE use of our BroCro Creative 10×10 tent

Special discounted rates on anything you need: EDDM postcards, promo items, custom banners, flyers, stickers, custom T-shirts, business cards, and more.

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